Tax Incentives


Since 2015 significant tax deductions have been applicable to National and Canaries foreign film Service Productions. Within the legal framework of the EU, Spain and the Canaries REF regulations were upgraded in June 2017. It now offer up to 40% rebates in the Canaries. This applies to productions in the region from 1 000 000 €, capped at 5 400 000 €. In the rest of Spain the comparable figure is 20% with Navarra at 35%. 

We offer considerable expertise in this area, and well-experienced lawyers and tax advisors who can help through the maze of laws in a calm and controlled manner. 

As a member of "Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales” (ICAA) we fullfil the legal framework which entitles us to apply for Tax Credit in connection with production service and co-production.